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SpaceVIL.Decorations.Border Class Reference

Border of the item More...

Public Member Functions

CornerRadius GetRadius ()
Radius of the border's corners

void SetRadius (CornerRadius value)
 Set radius of the border's corners More...
Color GetFill ()
 Border color More...
void SetFill (Color fill)
 Border color More...
int GetThickness ()
 Border thickness More...
void SetThickness (int thickness)
 Border thickness More...
 Border ()
 Constructs a Border More...
 Border (Color fill, CornerRadius radius, int thickness)
 Constructs a Border with color, radius and thickness More...

Public Attributes

bool IsVisible = false
 Is border visible More...

Detailed Description

Border of the item

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Border() [1/2]

SpaceVIL.Decorations.Border.Border ( )

Constructs a Border

◆ Border() [2/2]

SpaceVIL.Decorations.Border.Border ( Color  fill,
CornerRadius  radius,
int  thickness 

Constructs a Border with color, radius and thickness

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetFill()

Color SpaceVIL.Decorations.Border.GetFill ( )

Border color

◆ GetThickness()

int SpaceVIL.Decorations.Border.GetThickness ( )

Border thickness

◆ SetFill()

void SpaceVIL.Decorations.Border.SetFill ( Color  fill)

Border color

◆ SetRadius()

void SpaceVIL.Decorations.Border.SetRadius ( CornerRadius  value)

Set radius of the border's corners

◆ SetThickness()

void SpaceVIL.Decorations.Border.SetThickness ( int  thickness)

Border thickness

Member Data Documentation

◆ IsVisible

bool SpaceVIL.Decorations.Border.IsVisible = false

Is border visible

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