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SpaceVIL.Decorations.CustomFigure Class Reference

Public Member Functions

List< float[]> GetFigure ()
CustomFigure points list

bool IsFixed ()
 Is CustomFigure fixed More...
 CustomFigure (bool isFixed, List< float[]> triangles)
 Constructs a CustomFigure More...
List< float[]> UpdatePosition (int _x, int _y)
new CustomFugure points list changed according to the new position (x, y)


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CustomFigure()

SpaceVIL.Decorations.CustomFigure.CustomFigure ( bool  isFixed,
List< float[]>  triangles 

Constructs a CustomFigure

isFixedis CustomFigure fixed
trianglesTriangles list of the CustomFigure's shape

Member Function Documentation

◆ IsFixed()

bool SpaceVIL.Decorations.CustomFigure.IsFixed ( )

Is CustomFigure fixed

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