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SpaceVIL.WrapGrid Class Reference

Inherits SpaceVIL.Prototype.

Public Member Functions

bool IsStretch ()
void SetStretch (bool value)
int GetRowCount ()
int GetColumnCount ()
int GetCellWidth ()
int GetCellHeight ()
void SetCellWidth (int cellWidth)
void SetCellHeight (int cellHeight)
void SetCellSize (int cellWidth, int cellHeight)
void SetScrollStep (int step)
 ScrollBar moving step More...
int GetScrollStep ()
int GetSelection ()
 Selection item More...
void SetSelection (int index)
 Set selected item of the WrapGrid by index More...
void Unselect ()
 Unselect all items More...
void SetSelectionVisible (bool value)
 Is selection changes view of the item or not More...
bool IsSelectionVisible ()
WrapArea GetArea ()

Orientation GetOrientation ()
ScrollBarVisibility GetScrollBarVisible ()
 Is vertical scroll bar visible More...
void SetScrollBarVisible (ScrollBarVisibility policy)
 WrapGrid (int cellWidth, int cellHeight, Orientation orientation)
 Constructs a WrapGrid More...
override void SetWidth (int width)
 Set width of the ListBox More...
override void SetHeight (int height)
 Set height of the ListBox More...
override void AddItem (IBaseItem item)
 Add item to the WrapGrid More...
override void InsertItem (IBaseItem item, Int32 index)
 Insert item to the WrapGrid by index More...
override bool RemoveItem (IBaseItem item)
 Remove item from the WrapGrid More...
override void Clear ()
override void InitElements ()
 Initialization and adding of all elements in the WrapGrid More...
List< IBaseItemGetListContent ()
list of all WrapGrid items

virtual void SetListContent (List< IBaseItem > content)
 Set list of items More...
IBaseItem GetWrapper (IBaseItem item)
IBaseItem GetSelectionItem ()
selection item

override void SetStyle (Style style)
 Set style of the WrapGrid More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from SpaceVIL.Prototype
 Prototype ()
 Constructs a Prototype More...
virtual void Release ()
void SetHandler (CoreWindow handler)
 Set parent window for the Prototype More...
CoreWindow GetHandler ()
String GetToolTip ()
 tooltip of the Prototype More...
void SetToolTip (String text)
Prototype GetParent ()
 Prototype parent item More...
void SetParent (Prototype parent)
Spacing GetSpacing ()
 Spacing(horizontal, vertical) of the Prototype More...
void SetSpacing (Spacing spacing)
void SetSpacing (int horizontal=0, int vertical=0)
Indents GetPadding ()
 Prototype padding (left, top, right, bottom) More...
void SetPadding (Indents padding)
void SetPadding (int left=0, int top=0, int right=0, int bottom=0)
Indents GetMargin ()
 Margin of the Prototype (left, top, right, bottom) More...
void SetMargin (Indents margin)
void SetMargin (int left=0, int top=0, int right=0, int bottom=0)
void SetBorder (Border border)
borderBorder of the Prototype

void SetBorderFill (Color fill)
 Prototype border color More...
Color GetBorderFill ()
void SetBorderFill (int r, int g, int b, int a=255)
void SetBorderFill (float r, float g, float b, float a=1.0f)
void SetBorderRadius (CornerRadius radius)
 Radius of the border's corners More...
void SetBorderRadius (int radius)
CornerRadius GetBorderRadius ()
void SetBorderThickness (int thickness)
 Border thickness of the Prototype More...
int GetBorderThickness ()
List< float[]> GetTriangles ()
 Make/get shape of the item using triangles list More...
virtual void SetTriangles (List< float[]> triangles)
virtual List< float[]> MakeShape ()
virtual void SetBackground (Color color)
 Text color in the Prototype More...
virtual void SetBackground (int r, int g, int b)
virtual void SetBackground (int r, int g, int b, int a)
virtual void SetBackground (float r, float g, float b)
virtual void SetBackground (float r, float g, float b, float a)
virtual Color GetBackground ()
void SetItemName (string name)
 Name of the Prototype More...
string GetItemName ()
void SetMinWidth (int width)
 Prototype minimum width More...
int GetMinWidth ()
virtual int GetWidth ()
void SetMaxWidth (int width)
 Prototype maximum width More...
int GetMaxWidth ()
void SetMinHeight (int height)
 Prototype minimum height More...
int GetMinHeight ()
virtual int GetHeight ()
void SetMaxHeight (int height)
 Prototype maximum height More...
int GetMaxHeight ()
virtual void SetSize (int width, int height)
 Prototype size (width, height) More...
int [] GetSize ()
void SetMinSize (int width, int height)
 Prototype minimum size (width, height) More...
int [] GetMinSize ()
void SetMaxSize (int width, int height)
 Prototype maximum size (width, height) More...
int [] GetMaxSize ()
void SetAlignment (ItemAlignment alignment)
 Prototype alignment More...
void SetAlignment (params ItemAlignment[] alignment)
ItemAlignment GetAlignment ()
void SetSizePolicy (SizePolicy width, SizePolicy height)
 Prototype size policy (FIXED, EXPAND) by width and height More...
void SetWidthPolicy (SizePolicy policy)
SizePolicy GetWidthPolicy ()
void SetHeightPolicy (SizePolicy policy)
SizePolicy GetHeightPolicy ()
virtual void SetPosition (int x, int y)
 Prototype position More...
virtual void SetX (int x)
virtual int GetX ()
virtual void SetY (int y)
virtual int GetY ()
virtual void SetConfines ()
 Set default confines of the Prototype based on parent properties More...
virtual void SetConfines (int x0, int x1, int y0, int y1)
 Set Prototype confines More...
virtual Style GetCoreStyle ()
 Generate all item properties in one style More...
bool IsShadowDrop ()
if Prototype has shadow

void SetShadowDrop (bool value)
void SetShadowRadius (int radius)
 Radius of the shadows corners More...
int GetShadowRadius ()
Color GetShadowColor ()
 Shadow color More...
void SetShadowColor (Color color)
Position GetShadowPos ()
 Prototype's shadow position More...
void SetShadow (int radius, int x, int y, Color color)
 Set Prototype's shadow More...
void AddItemState (ItemStateType type, ItemState state)
 Add new item state for one of the item state types (BASE, HOVERED, PRESSED, TOGGLED, FOCUSED, DISABLED) More...
void RemoveItemState (ItemStateType type)
 Remove item state More...
void RemoveAllItemStates ()
 Remove all item states More...
ItemState GetState (ItemStateType type)
Returns ItemState for the ItemStateType type

virtual void AddItems (params IBaseItem[] items)
 Add items into the Prototype More...
void Update (GeometryEventType type, int value=0)
 Update Prototype size or position depending on the GeometryEventType More...
virtual bool IsDrawable ()
 Is Prototype and its inner items drawable More...
void SetDrawable (bool value)
virtual bool IsVisible ()
 Is Prototype visible More...
virtual void SetVisible (bool value)
virtual bool IsPassEvents ()
 Is Prototype pass events throw itself More...
bool IsPassEvents (InputEventType e)
 Is Prototype pass the InputEventType throw More...
void SetPassEvents (bool value)
 Sets all InputEventType passed or non passed (value) More...
void SetPassEvents (bool value, InputEventType e)
void SetPassEvents (bool value, params InputEventType[] e)
virtual bool IsDisabled ()
 Is Prototype disabled More...
virtual void SetDisabled (bool value)
virtual bool IsMouseHover ()
 Is mouse hover on the Prototype More...
virtual void SetMouseHover (bool value)
virtual bool IsMousePressed ()
 Is mouse pressed on the Prototype More...
virtual void SetMousePressed (bool value)
virtual bool IsFocused ()
 Is Prototype focused More...
virtual void SetFocus ()
 Set focus on the Prototype if its focusable More...
virtual List< IBaseItemGetItems ()
 Returns list of the Prototype's inner items More...
int [] GetConfines ()
 Prototype confines More...
CustomFigure IsCustomFigure ()
 Is Prototype has CustomFigure shape, return it
void SetCustomFigure (CustomFigure figure)
 Sets shape of the Prototype as CustomFigure More...
ItemRule GetHoverRule ()
 Hover rule of the Prototype More...
void SetHoverRule (ItemRule rule)
CursorImage GetCursor ()
void SetCursor (EmbeddedCursor type)
void SetCursor (CursorImage cursor)
void SetCursor (Bitmap bitmap)
void SetCursor (Bitmap bitmap, int width, int height)

Public Attributes

VerticalScrollBar VScrollBar
HorizontalScrollBar HScrollBar
- Public Attributes inherited from SpaceVIL.Prototype
EventCommonMethodState EventResize
EventCommonMethodState EventDestroy
EventMouseMethodState EventMouseHover
 Mouse input events More...
EventMouseMethodState EventMouseLeave
EventMouseMethodState EventMouseClick
EventMouseMethodState EventMouseDoubleClick
EventMouseMethodState EventMousePress
EventMouseMethodState EventMouseDrag
EventMouseMethodState EventMouseDrop
EventMouseMethodState EventScrollUp
EventMouseMethodState EventScrollDown
EventKeyMethodState EventKeyPress
 Keyboard input events More...
EventKeyMethodState EventKeyRelease
EventInputTextMethodState EventTextInput
 Text input events More...
bool IsFocusable = true
 Is Prototype focusable More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from SpaceVIL.Prototype
virtual void UpdateState ()
 Update Prototype's state according to its ItemStateType More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ WrapGrid()

SpaceVIL.WrapGrid.WrapGrid ( int  cellWidth,
int  cellHeight,
Orientation  orientation 

Constructs a WrapGrid

Member Function Documentation

◆ AddItem()

override void SpaceVIL.WrapGrid.AddItem ( IBaseItem  item)

Add item to the WrapGrid

Reimplemented from SpaceVIL.Prototype.

◆ GetScrollBarVisible()

ScrollBarVisibility SpaceVIL.WrapGrid.GetScrollBarVisible ( )

Is vertical scroll bar visible

◆ GetSelection()

int SpaceVIL.WrapGrid.GetSelection ( )

Selection item

◆ InitElements()

override void SpaceVIL.WrapGrid.InitElements ( )

Initialization and adding of all elements in the WrapGrid

Reimplemented from SpaceVIL.Prototype.

◆ InsertItem()

override void SpaceVIL.WrapGrid.InsertItem ( IBaseItem  item,
Int32  index 

Insert item to the WrapGrid by index

Reimplemented from SpaceVIL.Prototype.

◆ RemoveItem()

override bool SpaceVIL.WrapGrid.RemoveItem ( IBaseItem  item)

Remove item from the WrapGrid

Reimplemented from SpaceVIL.Prototype.

◆ SetHeight()

override void SpaceVIL.WrapGrid.SetHeight ( int  height)

Set height of the ListBox

Reimplemented from SpaceVIL.Prototype.

◆ SetListContent()

virtual void SpaceVIL.WrapGrid.SetListContent ( List< IBaseItem content)

Set list of items

◆ SetScrollStep()

void SpaceVIL.WrapGrid.SetScrollStep ( int  step)

ScrollBar moving step

◆ SetSelection()

void SpaceVIL.WrapGrid.SetSelection ( int  index)

Set selected item of the WrapGrid by index

◆ SetSelectionVisible()

void SpaceVIL.WrapGrid.SetSelectionVisible ( bool  value)

Is selection changes view of the item or not

◆ SetStyle()

override void SpaceVIL.WrapGrid.SetStyle ( Style  style)

Set style of the WrapGrid

Reimplemented from SpaceVIL.Prototype.

◆ SetWidth()

override void SpaceVIL.WrapGrid.SetWidth ( int  width)

Set width of the ListBox

Reimplemented from SpaceVIL.Prototype.

◆ Unselect()

void SpaceVIL.WrapGrid.Unselect ( )

Unselect all items

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