Reference for .Net version of SpaceVIL
SpaceVIL (Space of Visual Items Layout) is a cross-platform and multilingual framework for creating GUI client applications for .NET Standard, .NET Core and JVM. SpaceVIL is based on OpenGL graphic technology and GLFW. Using this framework in conjunction with .Net Core or with a JVM, you can work and create graphical client applications on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.
SpaceVIL.ToolTip Member List

This is the complete list of members for SpaceVIL.ToolTip, including all inherited members.

AddItems(CoreWindow window, params IBaseItem[] items)SpaceVIL.ToolTipstatic
GetTimeOut(CoreWindow window)SpaceVIL.ToolTipstatic
SetBackground(CoreWindow window, Color color)SpaceVIL.ToolTipstatic
SetBorder(CoreWindow window, Border border)SpaceVIL.ToolTipstatic
SetFont(CoreWindow window, Font font)SpaceVIL.ToolTipstatic
SetForeground(CoreWindow window, Color color)SpaceVIL.ToolTipstatic
SetShadow(CoreWindow window, Shadow shadow)SpaceVIL.ToolTipstatic
SetShadowDrop(CoreWindow window, bool value)SpaceVIL.ToolTipstatic
SetStyle(CoreWindow window, Style style)SpaceVIL.ToolTipstatic
SetTimeOut(CoreWindow window, int milliseconds)SpaceVIL.ToolTipstatic