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Glfw3.Glfw.Monitor Struct Reference


Inherits IEquatable< Monitor >.

Public Member Functions

override bool Equals (object obj)
bool Equals (Monitor obj)
override string ToString ()
override int GetHashCode ()

Static Public Member Functions

static bool operator== (Monitor a, Monitor b)
static bool operator!= (Monitor a, Monitor b)
static implicit operator bool (Monitor obj)

Public Attributes

IntPtr Ptr
 Pointer to an internal GLFWmonitor. More...

Static Public Attributes

static readonly Monitor None = new Monitor(IntPtr.Zero)

Detailed Description

Opaque monitor object.

See also
GetMonitors, GetPrimaryMonitor

Member Data Documentation

◆ None

readonly Monitor Glfw3.Glfw.Monitor.None = new Monitor(IntPtr.Zero)

Null monitor pointer.

◆ Ptr

IntPtr Glfw3.Glfw.Monitor.Ptr

Pointer to an internal GLFWmonitor.

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